Who we are

INNOVART is a company that works and collaborates with professionals from diverse training who work in the field of conservation, restoration and recovery of cultural heritage as well as the transfer of works of art in Italy and abroad.
The multidisciplinary comparison between the various members, each within their own professional skills, allows to better focus the information to be acquired and processed by an intervention project to be carried out with the proper methodology and executive management; conceived and founded by Mauro Haze stems from the desire to exploit and operate autonomously with direct responsibility, the long years of experience in the field of restoration with major industry participants, INNOVART is a limited liability company.

Our company is made up of and collaborates with various, qualified and competent realities present today on the market for the art services. It brings together skills and expertise in the restoration of historical and artistic value works. The goal is to involve different realities in the consolidation of that set of knowledge and culture that has made Italy, the country with the richest cultural and artistic heritage of the world, the absolute reference point in the global landscape.

The intention is to spread the Italian craftsmanship in restoration, combining tradition and innovation, with the goal of becoming a reference recognized nationally and internationally.

The diverse professional expertise of individual companies that collaborate with us, create a know-how that allows to present itself with more skills and higher competitiveness.

The goal is to appear with the market covering, thanks to diversified experiences, all the needs in the restoration and art services, from design to construction supervision, the preservation and restoration of the transfer of the works until all ‘preparation for their exposure.



Our code of ethics

Our society is conceived as a set of people. Everyone must be able to express the best of their abilities and aptitudes. The merits of the individual are emphasized, and teamwork is privileged.

The relationship with you is based on reliability, on fairness, honesty and trust. In our work we guarantee professionalism, courtesy, respect and punctuality. We attach great importance to communication.

We strive every day to choose a partner based on their reliability, and to ensure safety based on equipment, methods and appropriate protective measures.

Our goal is to foster a multidisciplinary approach, participating and supporting training initiatives and dissemination and knowledge.

Our priority is to respect man and the environment, eliminating the impact of the production and processing phases, choosing environmentally friendly and safe materials to one’s health.